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'Her voice is wonderful and the production is great.'

Jon Madof, Chant Records

'I’ve had a listen to Holly’s music and it sounds fab.'

Emma Purcell, Rock for Disability

'A lot of great, great artists continue to have things to say. Look at Marvin Gaye. And just think about the great albums that accidentally happened when they said that an artist was done. To dismiss artists when they become more mature is wrong. You’re missing so much.'

Gregory Porter 

'A running theme to grab life by the horns...In style much of this is a blues-rock-country-pop mix with her passionate, powerful voice.'


'I love it!'

Radio Presenter Peter Antony, United DJ Radio


Richard Searle, Totally Wired Radio

'There are the songs, light-years removed from paid-by-the-word pop drivel, and easily on par with Tom Waits.'

Sasha Selavie, The Gay UK

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Painting: Angelo Corsi

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