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"When we signed Holly Penfield to Dreamland Records  we knew she was a star and a damn good songwriter.."

Mike Chapman & Nicky Chinn


"A blues-rock-country-pop mix

with her passionate powerful voice..."

Song-Bar, Tree Woman Album Review

" I go fishing for ideas as David Lynch recommends. the creative process is a very personal and sometimes meditative thing.."

Holly Penfield Interview, Emma Purcell, Rock for Disability

"Lightning will surely strike the stage and no stone left unturned musically or theatrically!’"
Dr John

"She is extraordinary. Everything about her – her voice, her persona. A captivating, compelling performer."

The Scotsman

"Holly Penfield is a vocal powerhouse!"
Jon Himoff


"Holly Penfielfd is a legend!"

Kenny Ortega, Netflix Director

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