01.07.20 - Raymond Records releases Rose And A Rope official music video

28.05.20 - Radio Presenter Peter Antony plays Tree Woman and Diggin' It on United DJ Radio

28.05.20 - Holly Penfield is interviewed by Paulus

23.04.20 - Song Bar reviews Holly Penfield's album 'Tree Woman'

20.04.20 - Holly Penfield launches her official music video 'Tree Woman'

08.03.20 - Raymond Records releases Holly Penfield's Tree Woman album 

04.03.20 - Gay Times UK feature - Holly Penfield releases new music, The Dangerous Diva Delights!

18.02.20 - Holly Penfield is interviewed by Richard Searle on Totally Wired Radio

20.01.20 - Holly Penfield launches her new album 'Tree Woman' at the 100 Club on Sunday  8 March 2020

25.10.19 - Raymond Records releases La Recoleta official music video to Apple Music, Tidal and YouTube

25.10.19 - Newsflare - Holly Penfield sells out at The Troubadour London performing Tree Woman

09.09.17 - The X Factor UK 2017 Holly Penfield and the freak show continues!! 

09.09.17 - Holly Penfield whips up a frenzy in the Audition Room!

10.08.15 - London Live TV interviews Holly Penfield about her Judy Garland show at the London Hippodrome

03.07.95 - Holly Penfield performs Last Enemy and Misfit on ITV's James Whale Show

01.09.92 - Trafic Records release Holly Penfield's Parts of My Privacy produced by Ian Ritchie

07.11.80 - Holly Penfield's Full Grown Child released by Dreamland Records and produced by Mick Chapman and Nicky Chinn charts in the USA

21.08.80 - Holly Penfield writes songs with Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn

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