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Diggin' It

Never thought I could feel like this

In the book of love I was hit and miss

Never thought I could feel such bliss

With your Purple Heart and your crystal kiss

Drank from cups of love and lust

That never seem to last

Thirsting for something more

and now my glass is overflowing and that’s in the past


And I’m Diggin’ it dig dig dig

Diggin’ it like I never did before

I’m Diggin’ it 

Dig Dig Dig

Diggin’ it deep down to my very core

I’m Diggin’ it


Never thought I could get this far

But if love is all then that’s what you are

With your secret smile and forgiving eyes

Your laughing style makes you Buddha wise

Drank from cups of tears and trust

Paradigms of Pain

Thirsting for something more 

and now my glass is overflowing in the pouring rain




Holly Penfield - Tree Woman - Alum cover
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