Tree Woman

I’m a tree woman now and the harder my bark

The wiser my thinking and the warmer my heart

And I’m trying to resist wanting to erase

All the lovely branches etched on my face

I’m a walking work of tree art and that’s no disgrace I’m a tree woman now


I’m a tree woman now, no more fragile twigs of youth 

I’ve got these long strong limbs you can climb out on to get to the ripest fruit

And the tree doctors always looking for my rot

The undertakers eyeing me to plant me in his plot

But life’s too good to have than have not

I'm a tree woman now


I never wanted to be a pretty little magazine paper cutie

No I always wanted to be a weird and whacky avant-garde documentary


I’m a tree woman now and when you’re smooth and being born 

I’m gonna shade you from life's heat and shelter you from loves storm

I’m not hanging up my hat or crying in my boots

And when I lose my leaves I still got my roots

I’m a walking work of tree art and that’s the barking truth

I’m a tree woman now


Holly Penfield - Tree Woman - Alum cover
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